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Aviva plc St Helen's 1 Undershaft London EC3P 3DQ United Kingdom

Reviewed on January 27, 2016. #1 of 2 Reviews

I had to make a claim after being involved in an accident. I got through straight away at the roadside to report the incident and was told that due to the age of the vehicle, mileage etc., the car would probably be a total loss. However at no point was I told that was definitely the case and I was under the impression that someone would look at the vehicle before the decision was made. Finally the third person I spoke to at Aviva said that instead of the car being towed away I could request an engineer’s report. This was three days after the accident and only after I had phoned every day for an update, no one from Aviva once tried to contact me. At no point were the options of buying back the car or the categories of write off explained to me. The engineer who did finally get to see the vehicle was the most helpful person I spoke to. As it turned out, I did end up writing the car off however I was frustrated at the way it was assumed that was the action I wanted to take.

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